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Charles De Gaulle Airport CDG - Paris Heathrow Airport to LHR - London Sat, Jan 28 - Sat, Jan 28 1 Day trip $126 per person roundtrip
Fiumicino Airport FCO - Rome Heathrow Airport to LHR - London Thu, Nov 24 - Sat, Nov 26 2 Day trip $134 per person roundtrip
Ben Gurion Intl. Airport TLV - Tel Aviv-Yafo Heathrow Airport to LHR - London Tue, Jan 24 - Wed, Jan 25 1 Day trip $301 per person roundtrip
Logan Intl. Airport BOS - Boston Heathrow Airport to LHR - London Fri, Oct 21 - Sun, Oct 23 2 Day trip $495 per person roundtrip

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Things to know when

Flying to London

While London may seem like one of the easier destinations when you are booking with Do All Travel - especially for an English speaking traveler, there are still some things you will want to know ahead of time to make sure your trip to London is smooth and hassle free. And although they speak English over there, it can sometimes sound like a different language.

The flight from New York to London takes a little over 8 hours if you fly direct, enough time to have a kosher meal, read a good book, and also take a nap. London is 5 hours ahead of the East Coast, so you definitely need to think about the impact the time of your flight will have on your travel plans.

The two most popular airlines flying into London are British Airways and Virgin Atlantic, although there are plenty of ways Do All Travel can fly you there. You will likely land in Heathrow - England’s busiest airport. The other two airports that fly into England are Gatwick and Stansted and make sure to check your tickets! Just because you are landing in Heathrow doesn't mean that your return ticket is leaving from there. All three airports have an express train to London which may be the fastest - although not the easiest or most cost effective - way to get to London. Once you get to England, keep in mind french fries are called chips, and a napkin is a diaper in England - so ask for a serviette instead - and enjoy your holiday!

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