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McCarran Intl. Airport LAS - Las Vegas Los Angeles Intl. Airport to LAX - Los Angeles Tue, Dec 20 - Tue, Dec 20 1 Day trip $84 per person roundtrip
Salt Lake City Intl. Airport SLC - Salt Lake City Los Angeles Intl. Airport to LAX - Los Angeles Wed, Feb 08 - Wed, Feb 08 1 Day trip $86 per person roundtrip
Metropolitan Oakland Intl. Airport OAK - Oakland Los Angeles Intl. Airport to LAX - Los Angeles Sat, May 06 - Sat, May 06 1 Day trip $92 per person roundtrip
SFO Intl. Airport SFO - San Francisco Los Angeles Intl. Airport to LAX - Los Angeles Tue, Jan 10 - Tue, Jan 10 1 Day trip $92 per person roundtrip

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Flying to Los Angeles

A melting pot of bold creatives and eclectic world cultures, Los Angeles offers so much beyond the glitz and glamour of Hollywood. It’s a city worth exploring again and again.The best of Los Angeles lies between the city’s abundance of good museums, vibrant ethnic communities, and cutting-edge culture that’s tempered by a sunny sense of fun.

Those avenues will take you through a diverse patchwork of international neighborhoods that offer unique experiences. Koreatown draws hipsters eager to stay at Roy Choi’s The Line and savor the banchan at Genwa Korean BBQ. Downtown, or DTLA, is no longer a shabby industrial district that people only visit for the Staples and Convention centers; now it’s home to the new Broad Museum, one of the biggest cultural openings in decades. Guests can choose from the Standard and Ace among the nearby hotels, and grab a creative cocktail from Perch before relishing their dinner at Broken Spanish.

Any Los Angeles trip should include some time for shopping, and in Beverly Hills, the pastime reigns supreme. Except visitors aren’t stuck with big labels and brands—they can saunter through boutique outfits like Wittmore for smart menswear and accessories, or pick up iconic tableware from Heath Ceramics. Yes, L.A. will always have its gilded edge, but its individuality is what really sets the city apart.

It’s true that L.A. is most widely known for its car culture, but there are a variety of other ways to explore the city without having to get behind the wheel. Metro’s subway trains, light rail and buses ($1.75 per ride) transport hundreds of thousands daily, while numerous citywide bike paths welcome a growing number of cyclists.

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