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What You Get with Do All

48 Years Of Trust

48 Years of Mileage

With almost 50 years of travel experience behind us, we’re the name you can rely on for better flights, itineraries, and prices for domestic and international travel.

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Service You Can Trust

Our helpful agents know travel, and we know you, too. With our just-like-home service, you can book your tickets, find out about flights, or get your questions answered anytime, anywhere.

Travel Agent Service

Stress-Free Travel

Whether you book online or on the phone, your Do All agents will review your ticket, protect your prices, and assist your booking for travel plans you can count on.

Easy & Quick Booking

Easy Bookings, Guaranteed.

Browse, click, and pay for your flight 24/7 on DoAllTravel.com, with customizable search options, simple navigation, and real-time agent assistance to make travel even easier.

At Do All Travel

Traveling is our destiny.

Founded in 1964, after 45 years and three generations, we’re still connecting our passengers all over the world with the best possible flights and prices.

Like most everyone, we started small; Back when travel agencies thrived and the internet was hardly a dream, we linked local flyers with flights. Over the years, Do All Travel evolved into an international company in which we service customers around the globe. We monitor dozens of airlines for optimal rates, ensuring availability for peak travel seasons. We also partner with external agencies to provide chartered airfares and more.

But all along, we’ve dreamt of more. And we kept asking questions. What if passengers had more freedom to choose from a larger selection of flights? What if scoring a deal didn't have to me mean losing that personal attention? What if we could combine the ease of internet shopping with the guidance, price protection, and expert advice of a travel agency?

That’s when we realized we had answers, too. DoAllTravel.com. The website in which anyone and everyone can search, book, and fly—with a team of on-call travel experts ready to help.

So go ahead, try it!

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Why Choose Doalltravel.com

More than just a travel site

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Price Protection

Today's deal is tomorrow's steal

Want to make sure you're getting the best deal possible? Wonder what happens if there's a better price available for your ticket?  At Do All, our agents have the answers at their fingers...and their eyes on your savings. Our team reviews every ticket and compares pricing differences from all over to ensure you pay the lowest price possible, every time.

Itinirary Review

Placed your order too quickly?

Not a problem! We review every itinerary to make sure every detail falls into place. That means we double-check flight schedules, make sure you have enough time to make your connecting flights, and keep you in the loop about your airport destination to make you a better flyer.

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Trip Planning

Got to get there?

We know how. With worldwide expertise, Do All Travel works with you to plan the honeymoon of a lifetime…or your most efficient business trip. We create itineraries, organize bookings, and find you the flights you need to make the most of it.

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